Ashraf Sadek Associates (ASA) provides design consultancy services in the fields of architectural and interior design.We are widely recognized as experts in the field of office space design. Throughout 17 years of practicing,we have developed a distinguished portfolio that includes the world's top corporations and banks.We are committed to focusing on innovative solutions that exceed the project needs and expectations from concept to completion. We effectively blend intensive research,planning and programming that promotes strategic business objectives.It is our personal commitment to create solutions that contribute to achieving higher space utilization and greater operational flexibility. In our work, we implement the latest technologies with regards to safety, security and information technology according to global standards. We are always focusing on producing quality work that exceeds our clients expectations, as we cherish and develop the relationship of trust with each of our clients. During the past five years we have developed a sequential rate of growth in our clients and number of projects. Our staff increased from 25 to 75 architects, interior designers, engineers and technicians. Our Quality Work was recently recognized, as ASA has won two international awards from the International Property Awards in association with Bloomberg Television for best office Architecture in Egypt 2010 and Best Interior Design in Egypt 2010 .This achievement assures us that we are on track to be one of the leading design firms in our region.

ASA has been awarded the I.S.O 9001/2008 Certificate
in June ASA has been Awarded the ISO 9001/2008 Certificate which Place ASA into an elite group of institutions that have a rquired such a certificate which emphasizes our persistence in delvering the best quality of services with accordance to the highest international standards ASA has acquired the ISO 9001 certificate after a thorough revision by the awarding institution of our internal work process for all our divisons moreover the awarding institution has shown clear interest and admiration of our concern to put into preority the highest standards in delivering our services.